Artist's Statement

Most people love to gossip, to investigate other lives, to wonder about motivations and meaning.

Wouldn't you love to play truth or dare, peek into your boss's bedside table, read your daughter's diary?

People's secret lives fascinate me. What they tell you can be wildly different from what is really going on in their lives. We make assumptions, we judge, we speculate based on our own experience; what else can we do?

But sometimes we are very wrong.

Baggage gives you the opportunity to look through the handbags of three women.

They went to university together, but now their lives have taken very different paths.

They tell each other comfortable lies in the living room while you, playing the role of the maid, look through their bags and find the truth.

Truth that entwines them and divides them in ways even they don't know.

Baggage is designed for delivery via the web.

Flat colours, simple lines and carefully staggered load patterns make downloading quick and easy. The main timeline downloads small files as they are needed.

Mp3 audio means that sound bites and effects can be included without blowing out file sizes.

Like most works of fiction, Baggage features characters that are a composite of many people I've met, read about or studied.

None of them are exactly me or exactly anyone else so sheath thy daggers.

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